The Ork Nob
With the lighning claws that I traded for last week, I went ahead and converted an Ork Nob from a WFB Black Orc Champion from the plastic boxed set. This was also my first use of guitar strings as power cables. The Ork Nob will “count as” an Assault Marine Sergeant in my Chaos Renegades force using Codex: Witch Hunters. It will be ten orks, all converted from WFB Black Orcs and counting as an inducted Space Marine Assault Squad. Their dedicated transport will also be suitably Ork-ified when the time comes.

The ork Nob with lightning claws!

My Eldar vs. Tim’s Tyranids
I had an evening game at Battlezone Comics against Tyranid Tim as a warm-up for the tournament coming up this weekend. This is the first time I have ever fought Tyranids, in any edition of the game. My Eldar were quickly consumed by the Hive Mind, with a turn 4 victory going to Tim. The following sequence of pictures is an episodic chronicle of the first defeat my Eldar have suffered.

Our Deployment

Trouble started for me on Turn 2...

Not much left of my army...


Things just got worse when his Big Scary Tunneling Thing arrived...

Things went from bad to worse for the Eldar...

And this is where we called the game on Turn 4

Next time will be dedicated to my successes and failures at Ironman XVII and finally some good pictures of my Eldar (including the Warp Spider Exarch conversion I displayed last time!)

Wish me luck, as I am getting ready for my first 40K tourney ever!