Welcome to my initial entry into the exciting sport of A Year Of Frugal Gaming! The idea is to gain maximum gaming satisfaction with a minimum financial expenditure. So during the course of 2011, I will be posting all of my gaming acquisitions here, along with how much I have spent on them or what I managed to trade for them. There will also be things like gaming After Action Reports and Tournament Recaps.

Currently I am working on finishing up my Eldar army for the upcoming Ironman XVII Tournament here in Las Vegas. I had originally only planned them as a 1250-point army, but the tourney is 1500 points, so I had to figure out how to upgrade the lot of them. In the end, I needed to paint 6 figures, a heavy weapon platform, and a jetbike, all of which is still in progress. I am also doing an assortment of skulls and helmets to place in random locatons on my two finished Falcon grav tanks, as my Eldar are not nice Eldar. I also have to come up with a star engine and vectored engine upgrade for on of the Falcons. As soon as the army is done in its 1500-point glory, I will be posting some pics here.

My other projects of note that I am currently working on are my ongoing quest for 15mm K’kree from the old Traveller range by Martian Metals (of which I have 13 ready to paint!) and three armies for Warhammer 40, 000. These include a Chaos Renegades force based on the old list in White Dwarf 107 and using the Witch Hunters codex, a Tau Empire army that I work on once in a while as funds allow, and a Vraks 2 Renegades and Heretics army that will be a bit more of an ongoing project, as it will be expensive.

This is a view of my workbench area. I set it up and put it away every time I go to paint stuff

Projects that I plan to work on during the year, and which may supersede or become parallel to my current projects are a Dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy battle, a Warhammer 40,000 army using the upcoming Khaos Dwarfs from Mantic (which will probably use the upcoming Daemonhunters codex,) and a new Dark Eldar army using fantasy Skaven to build a cool themed “counts as” army to go with the new codex. My old Dark Eldar army needs a few upgrades (also an ongoing current project) but not enough to be given any priority.

I was inspired to do this project by Dave Jako of Devon, England. I will post a link to HIS “Year Of Frugal Gaming” blog when I get around to it.

Until next time!