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A Conversion And A Game

The Ork Nob
With the lighning claws that I traded for last week, I went ahead and converted an Ork Nob from a WFB Black Orc Champion from the plastic boxed set. This was also my first use of guitar strings as power cables. The Ork Nob will “count as” an Assault Marine Sergeant in my Chaos Renegades force using Codex: Witch Hunters. It will be ten orks, all converted from WFB Black Orcs and counting as an inducted Space Marine Assault Squad. Their dedicated transport will also be suitably Ork-ified when the time comes.

The ork Nob with lightning claws!

My Eldar vs. Tim’s Tyranids
I had an evening game at Battlezone Comics against Tyranid Tim as a warm-up for the tournament coming up this weekend. This is the first time I have ever fought Tyranids, in any edition of the game. My Eldar were quickly consumed by the Hive Mind, with a turn 4 victory going to Tim. The following sequence of pictures is an episodic chronicle of the first defeat my Eldar have suffered.

Our Deployment

Trouble started for me on Turn 2...

Not much left of my army...


Things just got worse when his Big Scary Tunneling Thing arrived...

Things went from bad to worse for the Eldar...

And this is where we called the game on Turn 4

Next time will be dedicated to my successes and failures at Ironman XVII and finally some good pictures of my Eldar (including the Warp Spider Exarch conversion I displayed last time!)

Wish me luck, as I am getting ready for my first 40K tourney ever!


Ah, so here we are, our second installment of my Frugal Gaming blog. In the last week I shied away from any spending, and instead did some trading. I had some old painted Bretonnian Knights kicking about, as well as some unpainted ones and bits and pieces. These I traded for a variety of bitz for my upcoming Chaos Renegades army for Warhammer 40,000, which included 12 Chaos backpacks, six metal Daemonettes, 3 bolters, 3 sluggas, a plasma gun , and a pair of lighning claws. I think I got the better deal, as I am NEVER going to get around to doing Bretonnians at this point, and I need all of the new items for my next project.

I traded all of this...

...for all of this.

I also continued to work on painting my Eldar for the upcoming Ironman XVII tournament on the 15th of this month. I had a bit of a setback in getting things primered, as it was snowing outside! In Vegas!

It's snowing in Vegas, baby!

However, I did manage to get things almost finished up: my Guardian squad and my Autarch on jetbike were finished up, which meant that my army was playable, if not completely done, for my game Wednesday morning against Blackwolf’s Iron Warrior Space Marines. I really meant to take more pictures of the game, but got so wrapped up in playing that I forgot to! Anyways, I managed to squeak by a victory using the tournament rules for Ironman XVII; I held one objective and Blackwolf and I were contesting another. Most of my army was decimated, but highlights include my Guardian Squad finishing off a Marine Tac squad by assaulting it, and then turning around and doing a lot of harm to a Terminator squad.

My Eldar deployment

Blackwolf's Iron Warriors deployment

I also worked on a new Warp Spider Exarch. I’ve never been fond of the “official” model, and now I am on the way to replacing him with something that is more to my taste. Maybe with a little luck and focus, I can have it ready for the tournament. He is built from an old Warp Spider I had laying about, and the big gun is made from two old Epic Doom Weaver cannons. He still needs some puttying work before I start painting him, we will see how it goes.

My homegrown Warp Spider Exarch

I have also decided to post some pictures of my Void Jackals Space Marine army to liven things up a little. When the 5th edition of 40K was released, I decided to get back into the game and build a very basic Space Marine army, with the goals including speed of assembly and painting along with low expense. I soon abandoned the project, and picked it up again last year while working on my Eldar, and quickly finished them. It isn’t the prettiest, and I haven’t played it yet, but at least it’s done. So without further ado, here is last year’s first finished project:

My Void Jackal Space Marines

Another view of the Emperor's Finest

I will have more detailed picture and painting accounts of the Void Jackals in a later posting here, this is just a teaser for today 🙂

So far this year, I have spent $0 on miniatures gaming, and have successfully traded to get some of the stuff that I needed. Yay!

My Year Of Frugal Gaming

Welcome to my initial entry into the exciting sport of A Year Of Frugal Gaming! The idea is to gain maximum gaming satisfaction with a minimum financial expenditure. So during the course of 2011, I will be posting all of my gaming acquisitions here, along with how much I have spent on them or what I managed to trade for them. There will also be things like gaming After Action Reports and Tournament Recaps.

Currently I am working on finishing up my Eldar army for the upcoming Ironman XVII Tournament here in Las Vegas. I had originally only planned them as a 1250-point army, but the tourney is 1500 points, so I had to figure out how to upgrade the lot of them. In the end, I needed to paint 6 figures, a heavy weapon platform, and a jetbike, all of which is still in progress. I am also doing an assortment of skulls and helmets to place in random locatons on my two finished Falcon grav tanks, as my Eldar are not nice Eldar. I also have to come up with a star engine and vectored engine upgrade for on of the Falcons. As soon as the army is done in its 1500-point glory, I will be posting some pics here.

My other projects of note that I am currently working on are my ongoing quest for 15mm K’kree from the old Traveller range by Martian Metals (of which I have 13 ready to paint!) and three armies for Warhammer 40, 000. These include a Chaos Renegades force based on the old list in White Dwarf 107 and using the Witch Hunters codex, a Tau Empire army that I work on once in a while as funds allow, and a Vraks 2 Renegades and Heretics army that will be a bit more of an ongoing project, as it will be expensive.

This is a view of my workbench area. I set it up and put it away every time I go to paint stuff

Projects that I plan to work on during the year, and which may supersede or become parallel to my current projects are a Dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy battle, a Warhammer 40,000 army using the upcoming Khaos Dwarfs from Mantic (which will probably use the upcoming Daemonhunters codex,) and a new Dark Eldar army using fantasy Skaven to build a cool themed “counts as” army to go with the new codex. My old Dark Eldar army needs a few upgrades (also an ongoing current project) but not enough to be given any priority.

I was inspired to do this project by Dave Jako of Devon, England. I will post a link to HIS “Year Of Frugal Gaming” blog when I get around to it.

Until next time!